grocer faces criminal charges for catching thief

So get this. In Toronto, a Chinatown grocer tackled, bound and held a man stealing from his store still stand... and is now facing criminal charges himself: Toronto grocer charged for catching thief faces further wait.

Wang Chen and two of his employees are facing charges of assault, kidnapping, forcible confinement and concealment of a weapon after they apprehended a man who had stolen from Mr. Chen's Lucky Moose market earlier the same day.

Anthony Bennett pleaded guilty to two charges of theft in August -- one in relation to Mr. Chen's store, and another for stealing from a plant shop on King Street West. Ironically, he got a lighter sentence for agreeing to testify as a witness in the case against Mr. Chen, the store owner who caught him.

Does this case make any sense? I'm not a huge fan of vigilante justice, but this is rather ridiculous. Kidnapping? For catching the guy who was stealing from you? The Chinatown community is apparently rallying around Mr. Chen, with many saying that Bennett has been stealing from their stores going back for years.

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