in theaters: ken jeong in couples retreat

Surprise, surprise. There he is again. Ken Jeong is in yet another movie this year -- Couples Retreat, opening in theaters everywhere today. He plays one of the couples therapists. I don't know about you, but Ken Jeong is not the first dude who comes to mind when I think about working out my relationship issues.

Perusing over the credits of Couples Retreat, I just noticed that the cast also includes Amy Hill, Joy Bisco, Steve Byrne (as "Drunk Guy") and Temuera Morrison.

So what is that now -- Ken Jeong has been like, 34 movies this year? That's in addition to tearing it up on the new NBC comedy Community as the hilarious Senor Chang. For better or for worse, the guy has had a meteoric rise to becoming the go-to Asian funny guy in Hollywood: 'The Last Two Years of My Life Have Been Surreal.'

How about giving this guy his own show or movie -- one where he doesn't have to play a gay Asian gangsta stereotype or get his ass beat by an angry racist mob? I was a fan of Dr. Ken's comedy long before he was popping up in every other movie. He's brilliantly kick ass funny, and I'd love to see him in a smart starring role.

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