job interview tip: spell check your fake offer letter

Oh, this is funny. I am no expert at the cover letter-resume-interview game. I've done okay, but I've had my share of job application fails. However, I do know it's not a good idea to drop big-ass lies on your potential Wall Street employers. One guy did it, and it came back to burn him: Jeffrey Chiang Will Be Receiving No New Offers Of Employment.
Tip one: don't lie about having received an offer from one firm while you're interviewing with another. Tip one-A: if you're going to lie about said fake offer, impersonate someone and forge a little evidence: easy on the typos. Spelling Bank of America without 'c' is going to be a red flag. Jeffrey Chiang knows what we're talking about.

Chiang apparently interviewed at Bank of America, where he was asked if he had any offers from other firms. Jeffrey claimed that he was in his second round of interviews with Morgan Stanley. An associate at BofA then contacted his friend at Morgan about Jeffrey's prospects. The Morgan guy said that contrary to popular belief, JC had only had a phone interview, at which time he claimed to have gotten a full-out offer from BofA. As proof, JC provided a fabricated email allegedly from a recruiting woman at Bank of America, who would probably be surprised to be informed she'd offered Chiang a job (and that she didn't know how to spell "America"). The Morgan people forwarded the faux letter of employment back to the people at Bank of America who were doing recon and from there it was forwarded to the entire free world.
It wasn't the typo alone that did it, but that's one hell of a red flag. Spell check, fool. That said, if it wasn't the fake email that did it, it sounds like something else would've eventually taken him down. The guy sounds like an ass. To read his fabricated, tragically unconvincing offer letter, as well as the email exchange that busted him, go here.

Foolish Jeffrey has apparently been "blacklisted" by employees at a long list of firms. I'm guessing he will have to set his career goals a little lower now.

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