just another day on muni

This crazy-ass video just landed in my in box, and I honestly don't really know what to say, so I'll just post it. This is an altercation that happened on the San Francisco Muni in Chinatown, apparently over a bus seat. It had been going on for a little while before this guy started recording, expecting something to go down. It did.

As you can see things get extremely heated, profane... then violent. One lady throws the first punch, then it's on. This version of the video appears to have some of the translation of what everybody's saying.

Props to the younger Asian American woman who tried to get in to the middle of the two women to break it up. Probably just trying to get to work, and hell breaks loose. Anyone who regularly rides on Muni has seen their share of crazy stuff. Just another bus ride, I guess. (Thanks, Leanne.)

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