men charged in assault over restaurant bill

This week in Boston, three men were held on $50,000 bail after they were accused of nearly stomping a banker to death because he refused to pay for their Chinatown dinner: Four thugs charged in brutal banker beat down.

John Benoit, Jumoke Marshall and Eric Wallace pleaded not guilty to a beating last May that left 28-year-old Joe Yoon Kang in the hospital for a month, permanently brain damaged. A fourth suspect, Fianfranko Dy, was arraigned in juvenile court on related assault charges and released to his parents. He is due back in court December 1.

According to authorities, Kang and an unidentified friend went to the New Golden Gate Restaurant in Chinatown shortly before 2:30am on May 10 and were seated next to six other young men they had never met.

Kang and his friend stepped outside to smoke, and when they returned the suspects demanded they pick up their bill. They refused and left, but the group followed them down the street and surrounded them.

Dy then allegedly ran up to Kang and sucker-punched him, knocking him unconscious. The group then stomped and kicked him repeatedly on his head and body, and stole his wallet.

The attack left Kang with seven skull fractures, two broken eye sockets, bruised ribs, a broken nose, memory loss, headaches, mood swings and a permanent loss of smell and taste. According to court records, he is unable to work or care for himself and has moved out of state to live with relatives.

Who the hell does that? Who tells a complete stranger to pick up their restaurant check, then beats him nearly to death when he refuses to pay? It's not just Chinese food delivery guys getting assaulted -- it's random restaurant patrons too! More here: Man's severe beating leads to four arrests.

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