northwestern u. fires cop who filed disrimination complaint

Freddie Lee, the Northwestern University Police Department officer who filed a discrimination claim against the university, has been fired. At a recent community forum, Lee's wife revealed that the officer received a letter from the university last Wednesday informing him of the firing: Wife of NUPD officer says he was fired.
The forum, hosted by the Asian Pacific American Coalition, a student organization, aimed to raise awareness about discrimination in the workplace. Freddie Lee did not attend the forum on the advice of his lawyer. Marie Claire Tran, a local attorney, and Diana Lin, an attorney and adjunct lecturer of Asian-American Studies, spoke about the legal protections against discrimination on a panel with Jenny Lee. Lin says that it is too early to, "comment on the strength of (Lee's) case," and instead spoke about Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which protects workers from discrimination in the workplace.

Freddie Lee was placed on paid administrative leave on September 10. He was not allowed to collect his belongings from the police station, including items in his personal locker. Jenny Lee said that after approximately a month of failed attempts to gather the belongings, they were finally delivered last week. His items, including a laptop, clothes and CDs, were packaged in bags normally used for bagging evidence.
It seems that after speaking out against discrimination directed at him on the job, Officer Lee was essentially ostracized, alienated, and ultimately forced out with little notice. True, who would really want to work in an environment like that? But still, the guy deserves justice. Not cool, Northwestern.

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