possible hate crime murder in ventura

Here's news of a possible hate crime in Southern California... Investigators are looking into an assault on 44-year-old Glenn Hanamoto that occurred hours before he was found dead in his motor home early last week: Ventura police investigate fight that preceded man's death.

According to authorities, Hanamoto had bruises on his lower legs, arms, chest and a shoulder, but an autopsy showed that none of the bruises were fatal. The autopsy found he had numerous medical conditions, including infections.

Hanamoto worked as a hot dog salesman. On the night of the assault, he went into a bar to let patrons know that hot dogs were available from his cart outside. According to witnesses, at some point in the evening, a group of skinheads picked up Hanamoto and threw him hard.

When his girlfriend woke up the next morning, she found Hanamoto dead.

His family is hoping the police do a thorough investigation into the circumstances behind Hanamoto's death, including whether his ethnicity played a role in the assault. The guy was just trying to sell some hot dogs. Damn.

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