see you in san diego

All right, good people. I'm headed to the 10th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival for a weekend of film, friends and fun.

If you happen to be going too, please stop by the panel I'm co-moderating on Sunday afternoon: You Tube Can Be A Celebrity, with Kev Jumba, David Choi, Paul Dateh, Jennifer Chung, and Eddie Kim from Projekt NewSpeak. That's this Sunday, October 18 at the UltraStar Mission Valley at Hazard Center.

Wait, so what else should you check out at the festival this weekend? Here's a good rundown of suggestions from Jimmy Lee on the SDAFF blog: IF I WERE YOU... . You can also keep up with the sights and sounds of the festival in SDAFF's Buzz Room.

Oh, and if you're short on cash, and don't quite have the budget to blow your lunch money on movie tickets, you're in luck. SDAFF is offering a series of free screenings throughout the festival: Hey movie lovers: SD Asian Film Fest is offering freebies. Hey, everybody loves free stuff.

See you in San Diego, my friends.

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