t-shirt love: swallow by akufuncture

Available from Akufuncture

Description: "The swallow has long been a sign of the spring season and a sign of good fortune for the Chinese people. However, in this design, we have incorporated more symbols of good fortune."

"The wings of the swallow have 2 sets of 4 bats totaling 8 bats. The number 8 is synonymous with wealth, and bat is a homonym for good luck. There's also 2 more sets of 5 bats, which makes 10, another lucky number in Chinese culture. There are also a set of yuanbao (gold ingots), signifying wealth."

More cool stuff from Akufuncture, a clothing line dedicated to "creating a fusion between fresh streetwear style and elements of Chinese culture," with a particular emphasis on myths and superstitions. The two designs above are from their recently launched Fall/Winter 2009 collection.

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