65-year-old man punched in the face, stunned by cop

Disturbing news out of Georgia... This week, 65-year-old Chong Uie Pyen filed a police brutality lawsuit alleging that he suffered a vicious beating at the hands of a Gwinnett County police officer earlier this year: Gwinnett Man, 65, Alleges Police Brutality.

In the complaint, Pyen says he was shopping when he was attacked, unprovoked, by officer Joseph Kimsey, who punched him -- knocking out two teeth -- then shocked him with a stun gun twice until he passed out.

Kimsey was working off-duty as a security guard. The store owner asked him to make Pyen leave because he thought he was from a competing store. Pyen wasn't sure why he was asked to leave, so he argued with the officer and asked for his badge number, which led to the physical altercation.

Kimsey admitted to punching and shocking Pyen, but in his report he wrote that Pyen refused numerous requests to leave and became combative. According to the police report, Kimsey brought out his Taser the first moment Pyen was accused of not complying. He claims he had no choice.

Pyen, who teaches U.S. citizenship to immigrants at the Center for the Pan Asian Community Services, was charged with criminal trespass and obstructing or hindering a law officer. Police officials said they are aware of the incident and are taking the officer's word. There is no investigation into the allegations.

Wait, that's it? How is it that this officer wasn't called out for the use of excessive force? How do you punch 65-year-old man in face, hard enough to knock out two teeth, then stun him with a taser... and call it all justified? And after all that, the old guy is the one facing criminal charges? You can't blame Mr. Pyen for filing a lawsuit -- he's obviously wasting his time asking for any justice from authorities.

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