album release: festival by kite operations

Rock fans, check it. Festival, the third album from Kite Operations, is in stores this week from Actually, Records. Gone are the "delicate melodies and devastating love songs" of their previous two releases. Enter a new kind of volatile and hypnotic sound. incisive." From Actually's press relese:
"Festival is the third release from Kite Operations and it is quite a departure from the delicate melodies and devastating love songs of their first two albums. Filled with visceral noise spirituals, Festival is less a collection of songs than a joyous exaltation for the no-wave set; an exhilarating testament to the band’s ability to infuse dissonant experimentation with the emotionally incisive. Festival is where the band ignites so fiercely that Kite Operations become noise transformed. From the aching yet brazen titular opener to 'Ave Maria', an intensely hypnotic crescendo, this is a band intent on reaching ecstasy through unified sonic disintegration. The electrifying supernovas 'Ded Moroz' and 'Dasepo', further propel Kite Operations' triumph in creating a post-noise album so electrifying and distinctly new.
Want to a win a free copy of Kite Operations' Festival? Just answer this trivia question: What was the name of Kite Operations' 2007 release? (Hint: Go to the Actually, Records website to find the answer.) The first five people to email me their correct answer will win a CD. Be sure to cleary write "KITE OPERATIONS FESTIVAL" in the subject line.

Want more free stuff? You can download a free remix pack of the first single, "Dasepo," featuring remixes from JhezBone and Service Sector vs. XYZR_KX, as well as the album version of the track. Get down with the download:

Full Remix Pack

Dasepo (album version)

Dasepo (JhezBone remix)

Dasepo (Service Sector Vs XYZR_KX remix)

Also, if you're in New York, Kite Operations is putting on a wicked record release concert later this month featuring a kickass lineup of acts like Grapefruit Experiment, Faello Nor, XYZR_KX + Jienan, The Gold Medalists and Jack Tung. Check the details:

Grapefruit Experiment, Faello Nor, XYZR_KX + Jienan, The Gold Medalists, Jack Tung and DJ sets by Zach Lipkins

November 21, 2009
Doors at 6:00 PM
Admission $8, 21+ (Please bring ID)

Bar Matchless
557 Manhattan Ave.
(On the corner of Driggs ave. and Manhattan Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY 11222-3919
For more information about the band, the new album, and the record release show, head over to the Kite Operations website here. More details about the show on the Facebook event page. Also be sure to take a look at the Actually, Records website here.

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