another dumbass iphone app: meet a chinese girl

Oh hell. Another one of these damn things... The latest in a seemingly endless supply of racist, ridiculous iPhone apps. This one's another winner: MEET A CHINESE GIRL.

Perfect for any lonely sad-sack fetishizing loser who needs that irresistible Chinese pick-up line -- guaranteed to get you that "beautiful Chinese girl." Here's the hilarious official description:

Meet A Chinese Girl WITHOUT Knowing the Chinese Language!

Ever felt frustrated when you met a beautiful Chinese girl who spoke no English?

Or found yourself speechless while dating a Chinese girl?

Not being able to say any words of love?

Fear no more! Here comes an app that helps you get along with Chinese girls WITHOUT having to learn a word of Chinese! Grab this and find your TRUE LOVE !


Tailored to the culture of Mainland China, this is much more than a phrasebook or translator app, with the following GREAT features:

- Great pick-up lines in native Chinese

- Love Phrases adapted to local Chinese culture and thinking.

- Idioms and quotes verified by Beijing Native.

- 99 phrases in three levels of intimacy. More phrases to be added via FREE updates.

- One-off price - Ad-free and no network access required

- Proven Worldwide (Chinese Girls ONLY.Japenese Girls version is coming,be patient )


Download now! Be the master of oriental romance!!
I am not making this up! Not only are the idioms and quotes "verified by Beijing Native," the app has been "Proven Worldwide." Just $2.99! Small price to pay to become the "master of oriental romance." Ugh. This is really sad. That's all I can say.

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