the best asian american action figures

I've already told you (many times) that I'm a geek. Lately, this geekdom has extended into the collection of action figures. I don't have a full-blown army or anything, but I've slowly begun to amass a small assortment of cool action figure collectibles -- all Asian-themed, of course.

That's why I got a big kick out of reading this piece recently posted over at PopCultureShock.com by Keith Chow (co-editor of Secret Identities), naming his favorite Asian American action figures on the market: My Top Five Asian American Action Figures.

I actually own two of the figures Keith names -- Short Round from Indiana Jones and Sulu from Star Trek (I also have "Mirror Universe" Sulu). Unfortunately, I do not have 300 bucks to drop on that sweet ass series of detailed, fully articulated Bruce Lee figures from Enterbay. Okay, sorry for the geek talk.

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