chinese officials crack down on 'obamao' souvenirs

In China, there's been an odd cottage industry -- catering mainly to foreign tourists -- of kitschy bootleg t-shirt designs depicting President Barack Obama dressed like communist revolutionary Mao Zedong. But during Obama's visit, the government is out in full force cracking down on sales of the shirt. And they mean it.

CNN correspondent Emily Chang found out the hard way when she went searching for "Oba-Mao" souvenirs, pulled out the shirt in a Shanghai marketplace, and was quickly detained by security guards: Emily Chang, CNN Reporter, Detained In Shanghai Over Obama-Mao T-Shirt.

She had apparently bought the shirt before the imposed ban, and pulled it out to record a report in the market. That's when security pounced on her, telling her she did not have permission to film there and trying to grab the shirt.

They raised a bit of a ruckus about filming without permission, but mainly, they wanted the shirt. Chang was detained and questioned for two hours before eventually being let go (with the shirt, of course). More here, in her own words: 'Communist Obama' T-shirt tussle.

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