cold case takes it down to chinatown

Awwww snap. Watch out now. Asian people on TV! Tonight's episode of Cold Case is... you guessed it -- the Chinatown episode! Every cop procedural drama eventually takes it down to Chinatown (/Koreatown/Little Saigon/etc). A handful of Asian actors get to work for a week, and we get to see the familiar hanging red lanterns of Chung King Road once again.

This episode, titled "Chinatown," they investigate "the 1983 case of a teenager who was killed before he could get justice for his slain girlfriend." It promises all sorts of tattooed, gun-totin' Chinese gangsters and Ancient Chinese Secrets. The preview takes it to eleven with the dragon graphics, ching chongy music, and a gong for good measure. You know, just another day in Chinatown.

UPDATE: It appears that CBS has pulled down the video preview, both from the network website and YouTube. Wonder why. You can still watch some clips from the "Chinatown" episdode here.

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