john cho is one of the sexiest men alive (again)

Look who made People magazine's annual "Sexiest Men Alive" list... again. None other than John Cho, star of FlashForward, Star Trek, and of course, Harold and Kumar. You did it again, John. He previously made the list in 2006, and he's still apparently hot enough to grace the pages of People again:

He's gone from stoner hero in the Harold and Kumar movies to hot FBI agent in FlashForward - a role that comes with a sexy walk "if you're carrying a real gun. When it's on your hip, you lead differently; your hands go to different places," says Cho, 37.
Yippee. Very insightful. The gallery's only a sampling of guys who made the "Sexiest Men" issue. Don't know if any other Asian American dudes made the list this year, so I guess you'll have to pick up the physical issue to find out. All I know is, if Daniel Henney is not on the list, that's a damn shame.

By the way, have you been watching FlashForward? The show has its flaws, and it ain't no Lost, but I'm definitely committed this story and the characters. John's character Demetri Noh easily has the most compelling, interesting story line, and he's pretty damn good in it too. Catch it Thursday nights on ABC.

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