bruce lee video game name contest

Just saw over on the Official Bruce Lee Blog that they've got a cell phone video game in the works for next year, and they're currently searching for a title. So they're asking you, the Bruce fans, to come up with a good name for the game: Video Game Name Contest!

The person who comes up with the best game name will win 2 t-shirts, a hoodie and a new, not-yet-published book Bruce Lee - Wisdom For The Way. The contest ends next week, November 27. They'll announce the winner in the first week of January.

It looks like they want a short title -- no more than three words. So I guess my idea, "Badass Bruce Lee's Cell Phone Showdown," wont' fly. But you can submit as many titles as you like. For more information, and the contest rules, go to the Bruce Lee Blog here.

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