"know your asians" on the wanda sykes show

Did anyone catch the premiere of The Wanda Sykes Show on Fox? I didn't. But I was alerted to a particularly troublesome (and pointless) segment called "Know Your Asians" where Wanda and her "panel" of guests were asked to guess the ethnicity of a couple of noteworthy Asians. Yeah, seriously.

As you can guess, the whole things is really an excuse for Wanda and her smug guests, casually sipping on alcoholic beverages, to sprinkle some wisecracks about Asian this and that. It quickly devolves into an utterly idiotic conversation about "unfriendly" and "flat-assed" Chinese people.

And they're talking about personalities like World Series MVP Hideki Matsui and Stargate Universe actress Ming Na. Here, the two are simply reduced to "Japanese" and "Chinese" over laughs. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Watch it here (at about the 36 minute mark).

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