korean beacon, rain, and ninja assassin

Our friends at Korean Beacon recently posted an interview with South Korean superduper pop star-turned-actor Rain and director James McTeigue, talking about their upcoming crazy ninja action extravaganza Ninja Assassin.

I had the chance to catch a screening of the movie of a couple of weeks ago. I'll hold off on writing a full-on review until it gets closer to release (November 25), but I will say that it's pretty much everything you'd expect from a movie with a no-brainer title like "Ninja Assassin": silly, action-packed and extremely bloody.

[SPOILER WARNING.] Funny thing about the screening I went to... Guess who else was in attendance? Sitting just a few rows behind me, none other than star Rick Yune, who plays the villainous ninja Takeshi. I had to wonder how weird it must be to see yourself die a bloody ninja death on the big screen.

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