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A Campaign's Emotional Core: Here's a profile on Ronnie Cho, the campaign worker who is described as "the heart and soul" of By the People, a new HBO documentary on faces and personalities behind the election of Barack Obama.

Voices of Power: Chris Lu: The Washington Post has an interview with Christopher Lu, Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary -- one of the most senior Asian Americans in the administration and in the White House.

Trying to get Cambodia Town off the ground: In Long Beach, California, home to roughly 50,000 Cambodian Americans, activists are struggling to get financial support from local businesses to create the nation's first Cambodia Town along a strip of Anaheim Street.

In Chinatown, Sound of the Future Is Mandarin: Cantonese, a dialect from southern China that has dominated the Chinatowns of North America for decades, is being rapidly swept aside by Mandarin, the national language of China spoken by most of the latest Chinese immigrants.

Asian Youth Center celebrates its 20th anniversary: The Asian Youth Center, a nonprofit that runs after-school programs and parenting classes for Asian immigrants in the San Gabriel Valley, was founded in 1989 and today serves roughly 5,000 youths and 1,000 parents a year.

Lifetime free flights for baby born on plane: A baby boy who made a surprise arrival on board an AirAsia flight last week -- 2,000 feet above Kuala Lumpur -- will be given free flights for life with the budget carrier, as will his mother.

$205M man says he sold meth chemical: Zhenli Ye Gon, a Chinese-Mexican businessman arrested after police found a $205 million stash of cash in his Mexico City mansion, has told U.S. prosecutors he sold tons of a chemical used to make methamphetamine on the black market.

He makes an app, and medical world listens: Michael Fujinaka, second-year UCSD School of Medicine student, helped create the iMurmur application, which helps medical staffers learn how to detect troubling heartbeats -- a top-five best-seller among iPhone medical applications.

Funny cat photos lead to serious Web empire: The San Francisco Chronicle has an interview with web entrepreneur Ben Huh, the former journalism major who found his fortune in funny cat photo captions, and the enormously popular website Icanhazcheezburger.com.

Take Five with Momofuku's David Chang, On the Flap Over "Fig-Gate": A Q & A with crazy red-hot New York chef David Chang, who recently published his first cookbook, Momfuku, and made some not-so-nice comments about figs and restaurants in San Francisco.

Hideki Matsui, Yankees' Steady Presence, Faces Free Agency: Hideki Matsui will be a free agent after the World Series, but the designated hitter spot on the Yankees' roster might not have the flexibility to retain him.

Colourface Epidemic Infects ANTM: Racialicious breaks down an extremely uncomfortable recent episode of America's Next Top Model, where contestants flew to Maui to do a photo shoot where they were supposed to be biracial. Whaaaa? More here: Post-Racial America's Next Top Model.

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