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The Meaning of Manny Pacquiao: Here's an interesting TIME article on Manny Pacquiao -- "the best pound-for-pound boxer on earth" -- and the significance of his phenomenal success on professional boxing, sports, and the world. With photos: The Rise of Manny Pacquiao.

SKorean Woman Passes Driver's Exam on 950th Try: Remember Mrs. Cha? When we last heard about the 68-year-old South Korean woman, she had failed her driver's license test 771 times. Guess what? On her 950th time, she finally passed. The written exam, that is. Next: the actual driving test. Good luck!

Asian-American Elected to Council: Last week in Massachusetts, Harvard Kennedy School student Leland Cheung became the first Asian American and the first University student to be elected to the Cambridge City Council.

Bangladeshis, Koreans stake out their pieces of L.A.: A yearlong "border skirmish" in Los Angeles comes to an end as two ethnic groups -- Korean Americans, and the area's rapidly growing Bangladeshi community -- agree to the boundaries of Little Bangladesh, a four-block stretch within Koreatown.

Qian Xuesen, Father of China's Space Program, Dies at 98 : Qian Xuesen, a brilliant rocket scientist who single-handedly led China's space and military rocketry efforts after he was drummed out of the United States during the redbaiting of the McCarthy era, died on Saturday in Beijing. He was 98.

Big-spending Malaysian is the mystery man of city club scene: A 20-something Wharton grad from Malaysia has burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars at the New York city's hottest nightspots in the last three months -- and shows no signs of stopping.

Grace Park Single-Handedly Saves The Baby Seals: Battlestar Galactica actress Grace Park is among the many celebrities speaking out in a new PETA poster campaign against the killing of baby seals. Man, I kind of hate PETA... but I love Grace Park. The big winner, really: baby seals.

Buy Me Some Curry and Cracker Jack: No doubt, a lot of people were happy that Hideki Matsui had won the title of the World Series' Most Valuable Player. In New York City, nobody was happier than the Matsui fans at Go! Go! Curry.

Hideki Matsui's most valuable translator gets key to the city: Hideki Matsui's translator, Roger Kahlon -- the MVP behind the MVP -- was recently thrust into the limelight when New York Michael Bloomberg presented him, along with the entire Yankee team, with a key to the city.

San Jose's Strikeforce goes prime time in mixed martial arts: The San Jose Mercury News has an interesting profile on Scott Coker, the guy behind the multi-million dollar Mixed Martial Arts promotion company, Strikeforce.

Black belt jonesing: American martial arts culture's roots in the black community: In his recent "Asian Pop" column for SFGate, Jeff Yang sketches out the long history and unique cultural intersection between martial arts and the African American community.

CSI NY / "It Happened to Me": Tian points out and breaks down some extremely silly, nonsensical Chinese characters that popped up the latest episode of CSI: New York. Seriously, would it be really be that much trouble to consult with someone knowledgeable about this stuff before it airs on national television?

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