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Racial rethinking as Obama visits: President Barack Obama's first-ever trip to China is forcing many to confront their attitudes toward race, including some deeply held prejudices about black people. More here:
Mixed-Race TV Contestant Ignites Debate In China

Ward Helps Biracial Youths on Journey Toward Acceptance: Since the Steelers won the Super Bowl 2006, Pittsburgh receiver Hines Ward has been working to hard to bring attention to the difficult plight of biracial children in South Korea.

How a Halloween getup went badly wrong: The Toronto Star has a story on a group of idiot students from the University of Toronto dressed up as the Jamaican bobsled team from Cool Runnings for Halloween... in blackface.

U.S. Officer Revisits His Past in Vietnam: Another story (with some great photos) on Cmdr. H. B. Le, the first Vietnamese American to command a United States Navy destroyer, who recently returned to Vietnam for the first time since he fled as a young boy on a fishing boat at the end of the war in 1975.

The babies airlifted out of Saigon: Viktoria Cowley, one of a hundred Vietnamese children who were airlifted out of Saigon in 1975, is now grown and on a mission to track down and reunite with her fellow adoptees.

No Longer a Soldier, Shinseki Has a New Mission: New York Times profile on Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, who has taken on the massive challenge of revamping the problem-plagued Department of Veterans Affairs.

The lonely, illegal world of 'Mr. Cheng': 'Mr. Cheng' is one of the thousands of undocumented immigrants in Philadelphia and its four suburban counties -- living in the shadows, working low-paid jobs and struggling with the fear of deportation as they try to make a way for themselves in the United States.

Korean-Americans learn Spanish to help out at work: Interesting story on efforts to smooth tensions and misunderstanding between the increasingly interdependent Korean business owners and Latino workers in Chicago.

'Fast and Furious' director and other prominent Asian Americans come to class: Director Justin Lin, Lodestone's artistic director Philip W. Chung, actors Elizabeth Ho and Roger Fan recently spoke on a panel at Cal State Fullerton, discussing the presence of Asian Americans in Hollywood.

Rome Boot Scientist, Ian Fung: This one's for snowboarding enthusiasts... FUEL.TV has an interview with Product Manager for Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate, Ian Fung, who's all about making snowboard boots awesome.

A Mother's Journey: Growing First, Then Loving: This is a nice, touching feature from NPR's StoryCorps by Mala Fernando, a Sri Lankan woman who eventually found the love her life... in the 'Proposals' section of the newspaper.

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