liberty in north korea: the hundred

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) recently announced a new campaign called The Hundred, devoted to seeing 100 North Korean refugees rescued out of hiding in China as soon as possible.

Over the past decade, hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have fled their country into neighboring China in search of food, medicine, shelter, even freedom, and all this despite facing the chance of being caught and forcibly sent back to prison camps, torture or execution. As this crisis continues with estimates of 300,000 refugees hiding in China and Southeast Asia today, the world remains silent and the North Korean people have become an afterthought.

Many are searching for an opportunity to escape but simply can't fund their own journey. But with grassroots support and LiNK's networks on the ground, rescuing 100 refugees IS possible and it's their goal to do this as soon as they can. LiNK is trying raise $50,000 for The Hundred by December 31.

They're not only challenging everyone to donate to the cause, but also spread the word by any means available -- blog, Tweet, Facebook -- to let people know about The Hundred. See the video and learn more, go here (and be sure to include the hashtag "#theHundred" at the end of your tweets).

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