ming na making history on stargate universe

AfterEllen.com has a good interview with Ming Na, who stars on the SyFy series Stargate Universe as Camile Wray: Interview with Ming-Na.

Her character holds the distinction of being the first Asian American lesbian on a primetime broadcast or basic cable show, and one of only a few Asian American lesbian or bisexual characters ever on primetime American television.

I've been following along with Stargate Universe since the premiere, and so far (having never seen either previous Stargate shows) I've been enjoying it, though I think it moves a bit slowly. My only serious gripe: not enough Ming Na.

Camile has had far too little in the story to do so far, but it looks like this week's episode delves more into her backstory, including her relationship with Camile's partner Sharon (played by Reiko Aylesworth). Whoa. Yes, we're talking Asian American lesbian couple.

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