mr. sadman, directed by patrick epino (with music from goh nakamura)

Goh Nakamura tells me about some music he recently worked on for the indie film Mr. Sadman, directed by Patrick Epino. Goh was commissioned to write a song for a scene based on the "Sound of Silence" sequence in The Graduate. The film is a dark comedy:
In 1990, before the First Gulf War, Mounir, an impressionable and sheltered Saddam Hussein body-double, loses his job and moves to Los Angeles in search of a new start. But once the real Saddam invades Kuwait and makes international headlines, Mounir learns the truth about the Iraqi dictator and vows to shed his Saddam persona forever. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to be anyone else.
Mr. Sadman will be doing a week-long theatrical run, November 20-26 at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. To celebrate, they're throwing an opening night screening party on Friday, November 20 with a reception and live music from Goh:
"Mr. Sadman" Opening Night Screening Release Party

Friday, November 20, 2009

Downtown Independent Theater
251 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA

7:00 PM - Doors open, reception with open bar (beer and wine).
8:15 PM - Live music from Goh Nakamura (http://gohnakamura.com).
9:00 PM - Screening.
11:00 PM - Rooftop party, no-host bar (cash or credit cards accepted), and live music from C.J. Pizarro (http://www.myspace.com/mistacookiejar).

For All Screenings:
$5 Pre-sale tickets online (coming soon--we'll send out an email blast when they're up).
$10 at the door.
Discounts are available at the door if you plan to skate, ride your bike, take public transportation or walk to the theater. Email us at info@mrsadman.com to find out more.

Theater Info:

Mr. Sadman's Fan Page:
Sounds like a pretty interesting, original film. If you can't make it out to the theatrical release, you download it from iTunes or purchase a DVD (available soon) here. For more information about the movie, and the opening party, go to the Mr. Sadman website here and the Facebook event page here.

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