reminder: east villagers thanksgiving challenge

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I thought I'd throw out another plug for East Villagers, an online community dedicated to non-profit organizations, their projects and volunteers' life-changing stories, by integrating web 2.0 functions to promote a spirit of service, volunteerism, philanthropy, networking, and sharing of resources.

Anyone can share their life-changing stories and impact people all around the world. East Villagers allows users to share experiences with friends and family through blogs, images, and videos. Through these first hand experiences, villagers can inspire others to make a difference.

A week before Thanksgiving, members of East Villagers will have an opportunity to donate their points to their favorite nonprofits. On Thanksigiving Day, the top 15 nonprofit organizations with the most points will receive a total donation of $10,000 dollars from the Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation:

Thanksgiving Challenge Prizes
First Place Winner - $2000
Second Place Winner - $1500
Third Place Winner - $1000
Fourth Place Winner - $800
Fifth Place Winner - $700
6th - 15th Place Winners - $400
Total Prize: $10,000

This week, you have an opportunity to donate your hard earned points to the causes you are most passionate about. Hey, it's Thanksgiving. You'll be able to show them how thankful you are that they exist and are doing amazing things all around the world. Click here to fill out the donation form. And to learn more about the Thanksgiving Points Challenge, visit the East Villagers website here.

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