rex lee hears gay/racial jokes on the set of entourage

Actor Rex Lee, who plays Ari Gold's beleauguered assistant Lloyd on HBO's Entourage, recently told TMZ that he's been subjected to occasional racist and homophobic jokes on the set of the show: Rex Lee Says He Hears Gay and Racial Jokes on the Set of Entourage.

I guess this isn't really surprising, particularly on a show like Entourage where Lloyd is on the receiving end of all sorts of offensive, abusive tirades. But you'd like to think that's fiction, and the joking ends there. I guess not.

The remarks apparently originate from members of the crew. When asked why he didn't have the guilty parties fired, Rex said, "that's not the way I work." Classy, though I hope he at least tried to call out and confront what is essentially workplace harassment.

Entourage creator Doug Ellin says he was "shocked and horrified" to learn of the behind-the-scenes humor. (Honestly, what else would he say?) He did say that the situation is "not something condoned or acceptable" and would be dealt with swiftly. Well, yay to that. More here: Gay & Racial Jabs on 'Entourage' Set.

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