store owner shoots would-be robber

Whoa, here's one Korean American store owner not to miss with. Last week in Fort Washington, Maryland, John Jang made headlines when he shot and killed a gunman who tried to rob him: After 'don't move,' store owner turns gun on robber.

They're calling it a justifiable homicide -- self defense. Police say two masked gunmen entered The Food Zone convenience mart and announced a robbery. But their plan went horribly wrong when Jang grabbed one of the guns and opened fire:
Jang and police said the incident began about 9:30 p.m., 30 minutes before closing time, when two armed and masked men entered the store in the 12500 block of Livingston Road. One approached the counter, and the other stood peering out the front door, apparently serving as a lookout, Jang said. No customers were in the store, just another employee, he said.

The man at the counter said two words -- "Don't move" -- and shoved his gun through a two-foot-wide opening in the bulletproof glass, Jang said. Jang said he retreated to a corner. That's when the man tried to climb through the opening, Jang said.

Jang said he grabbed the gunman's arm and slapped down on it, causing the gun to fall to the floor.

He squatted to pick it up, and as the man came over the counter, he pulled the trigger. The bullet appeared to hit the man in the chest, Jang said.
Police haven't identified the man who died and said they were looking for the second suspect. While some are calling him a hero, Jang doesn't agree -- he says he was simply defending himself, and is still fairly shaken up that he took another man's life.

This was apparently the third robbery at the Food Zone, although it was the first in almost four years. Jang installed the bullet proof glass after the last robbery. But even after this, he says he won't buy a gun. More here: Store Owner Who Shot Gunman Called Hero.

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