suspects arrested in fatal long beach shooting

Two 16-year old gang members have been arrested in connection with last Friday night's shooting after a football game at Wilson High School that took the life of 16-year old student Melody Ross and injured two others: Two Suspects Arrested In Melody Ross Murder Case.

Police say the two suspects -- neither of them students at Wilson or Poly High -- are members of a street gang that began fighting with a rival gang outside the school following a football game. The suspects were not together when arrested, and were taken in without incident.

According to police, approximately 400 and 500 people were gathered at the scene of the shooting when it occurred, but just six witnesses came forward to provide detectives with information on the night of the shooting.

Police describe Ross as "an innocent bystander who was not involved" in the dispute that led to the gunfire. They'e still continuing the investigation and looking for anyone who may have been involved in the altercation that led to the shooting. More here: Arrests Made in Murder of Melody Ross.

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