teen arrested in fatal chinatown stabbing

Guy gets stabbed death... over "a look"? Last week in New York, police detectives arrested a 17-year-old Victor Fong in the fatal stabbing of a young man in Chinatown nearly two weeks ago: 17-Year-Old Is Held in Fatal Chinatown Stabbing.

According to police, Fong was charged with second-degree murder after he showed up with his lawyer at the Fifth Precinct station house on Monday to surrender.

The man who was killed, identified by relatives and officials as 18-year-old Nelson Rafael Pena was returning home from his job at a Foot Locker store on November 18 when he was attacked and stabbed in the leg and chest. Another 18-year-old man who was with Pena was stabbed in the neck, but he survived.

Pena and his friend were walking on the street when they were approached by two men who had confronted them in a dispute a short time earlier. The men knew one another through people in the area, and the assailants were apparently upset "over a look."

Police say the assaults were not gang related, and investigators were not seeking a second suspect. The district attorney's office declined to say whether Fong would face additional charges. He is due in court on Wednesday.

"A look"? That's all it takes to get stabbed to death? Ridiculous.

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