tuesday's general election results

Tuesday's general election results are in. I've been regularly checking over at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, which has a good roundup of key races, as well as marriage equality referendums in Maine and Washington. Here are some highlights:
UPDATE at 10:05 pm EST - No surprise here. NYC Councilmember John Liu is now the city comptroller, the first Asian American elected to citywide office in New York. With 46% of the vote in, he leads his opponent, Republican Joseph Mendola, 76%-18%

UPDATE at 11:28 pm EST - Despite the combined efforts of "Floon," Boston Mayor Thomas Menino wins a record fifth consecutive term.

UPDATE at 11:46 pm EST - Bad news out of New York City. It looks like Kevin Kim has lost in his bid to become the first Korean American elected to the New York City Council. Here are the results. It also looks like Queens businessman Peter Koo has upset Democrat Yen Chou in District 20, the seat that John Liu previously held.

UPDATE at 12:26 pm EST - So far it looks like the Asian American winners tonight are New York City Comptroller John Liu, New York City Councilmembers Margaret Chin and Peter Koo, New Jersey Assemblymember Upendra Chivukulu and St. Paul school board member Vallay Varro. The ones who came up short: New York City Council candidates Kevin Kim and Yen Chou. Still waiting to hear the results in Maine and Washington, but a win in Kalamazoo.
Bummer about the Michael Flaherty/Sam Yoon ticket. Check out the full rundown of elections results according to Asian Pacific Americans for Progress here. It's worth noting that in New York, after yesterday's election, white City Council members will be in the minority for the first time: White City Council members the minority for first time ever after Tuesday elections.

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