you can have freaky anime eyes

Goodness. Will Asians do anything to make their eyes look bigger? Forget eyelid surgery. These freaky contact lenses, made in Korea, will apparently make your eyes big enough to look like a crazy-ass real-life anime character: Wanna Look Like An Anime Character???

The GEO lens "ANGEL Series" promises that "with thicker and darker black rims, your eyes will now be bigger and more defined." You will also look kind of insane, and kind of surprised all the time. Want to look even crazier? Try the Crazy Lens, Piercing circle lens or the Magic circle lens!

Sure, they'll make you look like you have "bigger" eyes. Everybody loves those damn big eyes. But let me tell you right now, if I see you wearing these things, I am running the other way. Because your eyes look like they could shoot me with laser beams. And I do not want that.

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