"and he's asian so you can't even see his freakin' pupils"

Jang recently sent me this link to his blog, where he describes a run-in he had with the police last May, during which he claims he was racially profiled. The entire traffic stop was captured on the police cruiser's dash cam.

The cops thought he might have been driving under the influence, though it's pretty clear he wasn't, since he passes each of the officer's inane sobriety tests with relative ease. (Were those even real tests? It looks like he's making them up as he goes along.)

The real questionably racist moment occurs when Officer Hoppie goes back to his car to check Jang's driver's license, and makes a comment about Jang's eyes (at around the 6:00 minute mark): "And he's Asian so you can't even see his freakin' pupils."

Now, I don't think Jang got pulled over because he's Asian -- his car did drift over the right side a couple of times, though certainly not "weaving all over the place" as the officer claims. But I think he's out of line making that comment. Read all about it here.

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