angry holiday gift guide, part 3

Thinking of what to get that special someone this holiday season? In the spirit of goodwill and consumer-driven celebration of religious holy occasions, I've been throwing out some fun/cool gift ideas. Here's round three, in no particular order:

Chaal Baby - Red Baraat
The debut album from New York City's "dhol 'n' brass" nine-piece band Red Baraat comes at you with this infectious, funked-up hybrid sound you ain't never quite heard before. I haven't picked up the album yet, but I streamed all the online samples, and these are some damn good jams. The band has made a special limited number of CDs for the holidays, available here (the official release won't be until February). Or you can download the digital album, which includes a bonus track not available on the physical CD.

Astro Fur T-Shirt / Fur Face Boy
Fur Face Boy takes on one of anime's most iconic characters. Choose this one, or from a number of really fun, cool designs. Best of all, FFB is donating proceeds from shirt sales to the Hope Fund, raising money for the victim of the Bloomingdale Library attack. Now until the end of the month, 50% of sales will be donated to the girl and her family with the hopes of relieving some of their overwhelming medical expenses. Go here for more info.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon / Grace Lin
This one's for the kids, grades 3-6. I first heard about this book last week, when it was featured as December's "Kids Book Club" selection on the Today show. It's a fantastical adventure fable in the tradition of The Wizard of Oz, inspired by Grace Lin's love of traditional Chinese folks tales. Learn more about the book the author's website here.

Giant Robot Store Gift Certificate
Because there are just too many cool things on the shelves of the Giant Robot Store, give a gift certificate and let 'em choose something for themselves. If you do find something cool, Giant Robot is offering free shipping for orders that equal or exceed $75.00. But order now -- the offer ends December 12.

White on Rice
After a successful run on the festival circuit, and a solid city-by-city theatrical release, Dave Boyle's quirky little indie comedy is taking short hiatus before heading out for a college tour in the spring. In the meantime they're releasing a "Special Sneak-Peek Limited Edition" of White on Rice on DVD. If you want to see the movie now now now, this "official bootleg," available in extremely limited quantities -- once they're gone, they're gone -- is now available for pre-order, and will ship on December 18, just in time for Christmas.

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