cbs cancels three rivers

Looks like CBS is pulling the plug on its Sunday night medical drama Three Rivers. The show, which included Daniel Henney in the starring cast, joins the list of other prime time fall TV shows that have been shelved or deemed unlikely to return to television: CBS pulls medical show "Three Rivers" from schedule.

The show is being pulled from schedules, effective immediately, though CBS says it will complete production of its initial 13 episodes. While the network hasn't canceled Three Rivers outright (it's officially "on hiatus"), there's no indication of if or when it might return. I'd say it's safe to assume the show is over.

Yup. It's the end of the Daniel Henney Hotness Hour, which will no doubt break the hearts of many fans. I guess I'm not surprised. The show had been drawing an average of 8.4 million viewers since September but audiences have been declining.

And frankly, the show was rather dull. I tuned in pretty regularly, but it just failed to really grab me. It didn't help that they never gave Dr. David Lee any kind of compelling storyline. As one female fan pointed out to me, a man that good-looking deserved far more screen time. He could have saved the show!

Alas, that's one less Asian American face on television. A couple of weeks back, Eastwick, which starred Lindsay Price, got the axe from ABC. (Dude, how many canceled TV shows has Lindsay starred in over the last decade? I count four, maybe five.) I'm hoping other shows with Asian cast members hang in there.

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