center of asian american wellness needs assessment survey

Got this survey passed along to me and thought I'd share... Center for Asian American Wellness is collecting information in order to better understand the needs of Asian Americans in the community. You can help them out by taking this online survey: CAAW Community Needs Assessment Survey.

CAAW's vision: to empower individuals in the Asian American community to live happy and healthy lives. Looks like they don't have a fully operational website just yet, but here's the organization's mission statement:
"The Center for Asian American Wellness (CAAW) is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the underserved Asian and Pacific Islander communities through a holistic approach to preventive health care. We provide services through education, advocacy, support groups, and comprehensive fitness and youth programs with the belief that a healthy mind-body connection can lead to a happy and fulfilling life."
Basically, they want to cultivate a culture of health and wellness. While they encourage all Asian Americans to take the survey, they're primarily focusing on Asian Americans living in Southern California. You can take the survey (in multiple languages) here.

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