glenn beck's ignorant-ass tirade against india

It's relatively well-known know fact that Glenn Beck is a crazyman. Unfortunately, he's crazyman whose ignorant crazy talk only seems to make him more popular and successful, thanks to people who inexplicably enjoy experiencing ignorant crazy talk. Recently, Beck's rant took hate-filled swipe at Indians and Indian Americans: Beck's latest bigoted rant targets India and Indian-Americans.

He was talking about health care, and defending the disparities in cost between the U.S. and other countries. Beck ran parts of a video testimonial from an American woman who had received medical treatment in India, and had the audacity to say the following: "I think the American health care system is excellent, but I just think it's so expensive. Where's the money going?" Beck then offered this oh-so-insightful explanation:
The best I can figure is all that money goes to high-tech hospitals and doctors who studied at Harvard rather than Gajra Raja medical school. Oh sure, yeah, you know, it's weird. You can buy a Gucci bag on any New York street corner for like four bucks. No different than the 3,000 dollar real thing. They're identical!
Itt gets better:
And also, in our research that it took us, oh about 40 seconds, we figured out that some of that money here in America winds up in the pocket of a skilled doctor that helps off-set the 20 years of schooling that he endured and the loans he took out. And - you're not going to believe this one, Karlyn - some of that money seems to go to the 1 million SEIU workers in the healthcare industry that make slightly more here than in India. Because, you know, they have an American lifestyle, maybe a couple of cars, great union benefits, and homes with something that we in America like to call flush toilets.
And to top it off:
I don't want a discounted doctor. I don't want discounted wages. I don't want any of this stuff. If I wanted to live in India, I'd live in India. I want not the Indian lifestyle, I want the American lifestyle. I'm sure, no offense to India, I'm sure it's beautiful and everything. I've heard especially this time of year, especially by the - you know that one big river they have there that sounds like a disease? Come on, it does. I mean, if somebody said, 'I'm sorry, you have a really bad case of Ganges,' you'd want Cipro."
It appears that Beck has something against India, because it apparently has no quality medical schools, offers no real health care, is a dirty, diseased land, and, um, basically isn't America. Oh, and you did not just disrespect the Ganges River, did you? The guy is a lightning rod for hate and xenophobia, and the frightening thing is, there are people out there who gobble up this stuff and lick the bowl. Watch it here.

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