hewlett packard computers are racist

This isn't necessarily Asian-related, but I it found amusing (and kind of sad). Here's a video by two co-workers explaining how the face-tracking video feature on their "state-of-the-art" Hewlett Packard computer's web cam does not recognize black faces.

It's hilarious. It's also sad, because it appears to be true. As he hypothesizes, then clearly demonstrates, his blackness is interfering with the computer's ability to follow him. But when his white co-worker slides into frame, you immediately see how the camera is supposed to work. For white people.

It reminds of Joz's camera, which has a handy feature that supposedly detects when human subjects "blink." Except that Joz wasn't blinking -- she's just Asian, and her eyes happen to be small. Oh, technology. Like human beings, you still have a lot to learn about race.

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