jin/dizaster battle is happening... soon

Here's a brief update on the Jin/Dizaster battle that's got a lot of people in freestyle circles buzzing... It was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles, but things didn't work out. It looks it's now happening at the Battle of L.A. on New Year's Eve.

A bunch of folks sent me this video from Dizaster last week, but was a little reluctant to post it because frankly, it's just nine and a half minutes of a no-talent idiot spewing racist bullshit into a webcam from his bedroom. Watch at your own risk.

But here's Jin's latest response. Thankfully, he keeps it short and bullshit-free. He's intent on making this battle happen, but he's a busy man, and his life isn't all about Grind Time. I imagine he'll let his freestyle do the talking when the time comes. Anyway, mark your calendars -- it's going down on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles.

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