seeking tattooed asian american women for thesis project

Received an email from Dor Zhang, a senior at Pitzer College who's putting the call out for some help. For her Gender/Feminist Studies senior project, she wants to interview and photograph self-identified tattooed Asian American women. Her goal is to create a tattoo magazine -- think Tattoos For Women -- with an Asian American focus.

As Dor puts it, "I don't see a lot of Asian American women being represented in the media, let alone in tattoo magazines and in the tattoo community. In addition, I think it would be so interesting to see how gender and race (amongst other factors) intersect to shape the artistic and expressive choices of Asian American women."

So... she's looking for some participants. Are you a tattooed Asian American woman? Dor wants to hear your story. If you're willing help her out, you can get in touch with Dor at doris.zhang.2010@gmail.com or dzhang@pitzer.edu. Your help is appreciated.

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