serena williams fined $82,500 for u.s. open tirade

Remember Serena Williams' screaming freak out at the U.S. Open back in September? Maybe this photo will refresh your memory. Well, it looks like she's going to pay for her little meltdown: Serena Williams fined record $82,500 for US Open tirade; on probation at Grand Slam tennis events.

Williams has been served with a record $82,500 fine for her profanity-laced tirade aimed at lineswoman An Shino during a September 12 semifinal match against Kim Clijsters.

Shino called Williams for a foot fault -- a penalty that led to match point. Serena didn't like that, and started screaming at Shina -- an exchange picked up by television cameras. Replays later showed the lineswoman's call was actually wrong.

In addition to the fine, Williams could be suspended from a future U.S. Open if she commits another "major offense" during a Grand Slam event over a probationary period that will last the next two years. Another violation could cost her a fine of $175,000.

Take note, professional tennis players. The next time you're thinking of telling a lineswoman "I swear to God, I'll f--- take this ball and shove it down your f---- throat," just remember that it will cost you eighty-two grand and change.

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