the state of chinese america: a community forum

This Saturday, UCLA Asian American Studies Center and the Chinese American Studies Endowment present The State of Chinese America: A Community Forum, an event designed to address critical issues facing the Chinese American community today. Scholars and community members will gather to discuss and foster dialogue with another for the benefit of the community. Here are some details:
A Community Forum

Presented by the UCLA Asian American Studies Center & the Chinese American Studies Center

December 12, 2009
Monterey Park City Hall: Council Chambers
320 West Newmark Avenue
Monterey Park, CA 91754

Free to Public; RSVP at aascrsvp@aasc.ucla.edu to receive a print copy of the "UCLA U.S.-China Media Brief" at the registration table. Press info: Andrew Jung, ajung1@ucla.edu or (310) 825.2974.

UCLA Asian American Studies and the Chinese American Studies Endowment believe it's important for Chinese Americans to participate fully in American society.

Welcome to Our Community Roundtable!
- How can Chinese Americans fully participate - politically and socially - in today's society?
- Can Chinese Americans make a difference in future U.S.-China relations?
- What social, cultural and political resources do we have to create a better American society for all?

UCLA Asian American Studies Center, together with the Chinese
American Studies Endowment, bring you this program which brings
together individuals in politics, education, and the law to discuss how we,
as Asian Americans, participate in a global society. Our speakers will help
to address the i"ssues of the day" including civil rights and the law,
Chinese American political organizing and participation, and the future
role of Chinese Americans and U.S.-China relations.
Speaks will include Stewart Kwoh, co-founder of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center; Dr. L. Ling-chi Wang, professor emeritus at UC Berkeley; Rep. Mike Eng, California State Assemblyperson representing the 49th District; Dr. Tritia Toyota, adjunct assistant professor at UCLA; Dr. David Yoo, Claremont College and director-designate of UCLA Asian
American Studies Center. For more information about the event, go here.

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