all eyes on jeremy lin

Harvard hoops star Jeremy Lin continues to receive national attention, not only as one of the few Asian American faces in college basketball, but as a solid, pro-level prospect. Here's the latest profile on Jeremy, from TIME: Harvard's Hoops Star Is Asian. Why's That a Problem?

It's another interesting piece on the significance of being one of the few Asian American players in Division 1 basketball, carrying a banner he can't necessarily avoid. There's also that pesky burden of the blatant racism he faces on the court, from people who can't seem to look past his ethnicity.

Pretty much everywhere he plays, Jeremy is the target of cruel racial taunts -- everything from "chink" to "sweet and sour pork" -- you can probably use our imagination. Lin somehow manages to keep a cool head on the court through all the foolishness. You have to admire that.

It's a decent article, but the author's apparent incredulity about Jeremy experiencing racism while playing Ivy League teams ("Even at the Ivy League gyms?") is a little annoying. Hate to break it to you, but racist ignorance doesn't give a crap about academic prestige.

In the end, he seems like a good guy who just wants to play basketball. But whether he likes or not, he's representing a lot of people -- and doing a damn good job -- in spite of all the shit-talking. And thankfully, Jeremy Lin does his talking on the basketball court.

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