balloon boy: the movie

By now, you're sick of Richard Heene, that jerkface dad who concocted an all-media hoax, leading everyone to believe that his son had flown away in an experimental hot air balloon in hopes that the publicity would land him a reality show.

Unfortunately, we have not seen the last of the Balloon Boy saga. Get ready for a movie about the whole ordeal: Are You Ready for the Balloon Boy Movie?

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a filmmaker is apparently working on Balloon Boy: Guilty Until Proven Innocent, a documentary on the whole Balloon Boy family saga -- in defense of Richard Heene -- set to hit theaters later this year.

If you haven't heard, Richard Heene still maintains his innocence, saying he really believed little Falcon was taking a balloon ride through the sky. The filmmaker, Steven Barber, believes him, and hopes the film prove Heene's innocence. This ought to be pretty funny.

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