the chink-eye: et tu, jackie?

Apparently not content with simply shaming us with awful movies like The Spy Next Door, Jackie Chan is actively finding other ways to offend people:
Jackie Chan Does His Own Ching Chong Eyes In Spain
. Why, Jackie?

In this video clip from the premiere of The Spy Next Door, Jackie Chan, all smiles and fun, inexplicably pulls his eyes back to briefly make the chink-eye face to the crowd. Why? I don't know. Maybe he learned it from co-star Billy Ray Cyrus, who learned it from daughter Miley.

This was not the movie's Spanish premiere, as some blogs have erroneously noted. Otherwise, I would've guessed Jackie was doing a pre-emptive chink-eye. Because, as Gawker points out, "Spanish people simply cannot get enough of that pose!"

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