dawen's top ten asian american tracks of 2009

Cynthia over at BicoastalBitchin points to me this nice post our friend Dawen guest wrote for their blog, naming his Top 10 Asian American Tracks of 2009. It's a solid list of really cool music from a diverse selection of artists -- you certainly won't hear any complaints from me.

I've heard and/or wrote about most of the music on Dawen's list, save for a few of the songs. I had never heard of Mista Cookie Jar, so I sampled some tracks. That is some musical madness! And I like it.

Anyway, it's a good list. You should gather up all the tracks and put together a mix called "Dawen's Top 10." We've certainly come a long way from that AsianAvenue.com Plugged compilation. Anyone else remember that? Good times. To learn more about Dawen and his music, visit his website here.

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