how to help haiti

By now, you've seen and heard about the cataclysmic earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday, devastating Port-Au-Prince and killing an estimated 45,000 to 50,000 people. While the destruction and suffering might seem far away, it's hard to watch and read the news about what's happened, without wanting to help.

For those interested in lending a hand in some way, here's a solid list of resources and organizations you can get involved with and donate to: How To Help. The Huffington Post also has a helpful, detailed list: Haiti Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help.

It seems to me that the most immediate, effortless way to help is to donate through Wyclef Jean's foundation, Yele Haiti. Simply text "Yele" to 501501 and $5 (charged to your phone bill) will go to relief projects through the organization. You don't even have to reach for your wallet.

UPDATE: Donate at your own risk. A lot of folks have pointed out that Wyclef's organization doesn't have a great track record of managing money wisely: Is Wyclef Jean's Charity the Best One to Help Haiti? That doesn't mean they're not doing good work, and it certainly doesn't mean it's a scam. Just be aware of where your donation is going.

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