the kogi guy's new eatery

The Wall Street Journal has an article on Roy Choi, the chef responsible for the Los Angeles Korean taco/food truck craze, arguably one of the most talked-about food trends of last year. Next month, he'll be opening a new restaurant -- no wheels -- in West Los Angeles: The King of the Streets Moves Indoors.

Though he's built an enormously popular Twitter-powered taco truck empire, the new restaurant in L.A.'s Palms neighborhood will not bear the Kogi name, nor will it serve his signature now-famous Korean-flavored taco. Instead, Choi's new bricks-and-mortar eatery will attempt to update the rice bowl. The what?

The food, he says, will be inexpensive enough that people who normally eat McDonald's can afford it. Yum. Sounds like my kind of meal. Can't wait to try it.

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