lost: one week to season six

We are one week away from the sixth and final season premiere of Lost. As you all know, I am a Lost freak, and if you're not, none of this post is going to make any kind of sense. But oh well. ABC finally released a new season six promo... with some crazy brief flashes of new footage -- including a shot of a gun-toting, badass looking Claire. What the hell does it mean? Is Claire the new Rousseau? We'll find out.

There have also been a bunch of artsy-cool international promos for the show. Like this one from Israel. No new footage, just cool imagery.

This one from Spain (Perdidos) evokes eyeball closeups and some damn cool chess board visuals, and of course, rocks a spiffy Radiohead tune.

And finally, here's an excellent video created by a resourceful fan, who pieced together the entire Oceanic 815 crash, from different perspectives, in real time -- a la 24. It's totally nerdy, but really nicely done. One week away!

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