the lost supper

Lost fans, we are less than a month away from the season six premiere. The wait is killing me. But the web has been buzzing over two "Last Supper" promo photos that have recently emerged, with eagle-eyed fans scouring the images for potential clues. Some observations:

- Locke appears to be the "Jesus" figure.

- The "table" is an airplane wing, and the chairs are plane seats.

- That's the (remains of) Dharma's Swan station behind them.

- Claire's back.

- It looks like Ilana will have a more significant role next season.

- There are two empty seats at the right of the table.

Anything else? Secret messages in the cloud formations? Hidden numbers in the gravel? What does it all mean? As you'll recall, the mind-blowing season five finale pretty much left everything up in the air -- we basically have no idea where the story is going. (Though many clues have pointed to a possible "reset.") I guess we'll find out on February 2.

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